If you own, or are considering owning, a non-European registered aircraft, ORTAC is uniquely positioned, geographically and legislatively, to undertake your flight operations and regulatory compliance systems – providing as much or as little bespoke support as you require.

The combined knowledge and experience of ORTAC’s directors provides its clients with access to a unique skillset within the industry – comprehensively spanning flying; operational; financial; regulatory and legal expertise.

Gravitas Aviation Limited is a privately held company whose management has specific expertise in the fields of DHC-6 Twin Otter aircraft and seaplane airline development and operations. The company acquires aircraft for its own operations and lease fleet needs in addition to providing clients with aircraft procurement, upgrade, lease and financing service. Gravitas also provides comprehensive business development services for parties wishing to develop seaplane operations in both new and existing markets.

Gravitas Aviation is not an aircraft broker. Gravitas works with aircraft brokers globally and uses its own capital to acquire aircraft, transport them back to select approved maintenance facilities for overhaul and preparation for deployment by subsequent Purchaser or Lessee operators.

Consultant specialising in startup operations, traing programs, operational documents and manuals. Crew sourcing and placement. As an Aviation consultant I have completed 3 successful start up operations, building the operation from the ground up to successful start and continued commercial operations.

​My strengths lie in my ability to solve problems on the run, build useable regulator approved manuals, collaborate personnel and crew into the required operational positions, solve technical irregularities, build the required maintenance team and program, selecting the correct aircraft type and configuration for the mission and launching new operators to successful commercial operations. – David S Kuruvita