FAQ > About Us

What is Clear Harbour Airways

Clear Harbour Airways is Europe’s first scheduled seaplane service and will operate year round in the Channel Islands providing the frequency and certainty of service which residents and businesses have asked us for.

Who is behind Clear Harbour Airways?

Clear Harbour Airways is the creation of Ben Hill a Channel Island resident and a team of industry professionals dedicated to delivering Europe’s first scheduled seaplane service.

When will Clear Harbour Airways begin its service?

We intend to start operating between St Helier in Jersey and St Peter Port in Guernsey in spring 2019.  This service will be expanded shortly thereafter to include Alderney and create a direct Alderney/Jersey route.

What is Clear Harbour Airways’ mission?

To provide a safe, reliable and frequent daily seaplane service between the Channel Islands.  Clear Harbour Airways has been created to make inter-island travel quicker, cost effective and easier.

What are the differences between Clear Harbour Airways and other Inter-Island services in the Channel Islands?

We will operate a scheduled hourly harbour to harbour seaplane service.  Our customers will be able to walk from their place of work in St Helier and St Peter Port to our terminals thereby cutting down on time and cost spent travelling to and waiting at the airport. The service will be also be flexible allowing customers to change same day flights on the day subject to availability.

What are the benefits of having a seaplane service in the Channel Islands?

With the flight journey between St Helier and St Peter Port taking only 15 minutes, the location, speed and frequency of our service is something that we believe residents and businesses will benefit from.  Without compromising on passenger security, our seaplane service cuts out the waiting time experienced at the airport for such a short flight.   Situated only a 5 minute walk of St Helier and St Peter Port, the need and cost associated with airport parking or taxis are obviated.  We have built our service on customers being able to travel from ‘office to office’ in well under an hour. Flexibiity is also key to our service and by providing a regular scheduled service we believe our customers will be able to alter same day fllghts to suit their itinery.

Which routes will you serve?

We will initially be operating from St Helier to St Peter Port but it is our intention to add additional Alderney flights at certain times during the week.

How long are the flights?

The flight times are as follows:
Jersey to Guernsey – 15 minutes
Guernsey to Alderney – 10 minutes
Alderney to Jersey – 20 minutes

When will you operate?

We aim to operate a year-round hourly service between Jersey and Guernsey during daylight hours.

What are my options when you cannot operate?

​It is our intention that if planes are leaving either Jersey or Guernsey airport, Clear Harbour Airways will also be operating.  When an airport is shut due to poor visibility, we may still be able to operate given our sea level operation and our ability to fly at a lower altitude.

Will you open additional routes in the future?

We want to focus on providing a high quality inter-Island service initially, however any new routes off island will be considered in the future on their merit and will operate with additional aircrafts.

How are Clear Harbour Airways’ discussions going with the States of Jersey and Guernsey?

We have been in positive discussions with both States since early 2017.  This also includes private organisations owned by the States. A new form of inter-island transport takes time to introduce but Clear Harbour Airways has the experience and is delivering this.

Are you hiring pilots?

We are working closely with Harbour Air in Canada who are the largest seaplane operator in the world about collaboration in certain areas including pilots.  However, we will ultimately train our own local pilots, mechanics and technicians.

Will you offer concessional fares for sporting clubs?

Yes,  We are keen to support people to be physically active in the Channel Islands and will work with all clubs and the respective States to increase a team’s ability to play rival teams more regularly on neighbouring islands.

Will you offer discounted standby rates?

Clear Harbour Airways will offer standby fares to students with a valid student ID card and to passengers 65 years and older with valid identification.  The service is subject to availability.  Full fare standby passengers will receive priority for seat availability over discounted standby fares.

FAQ > On Board

What is your policy on luggage?

No one likes having to pay to store a bag in the hold.  As such your ticket price includes a passenger luggage allowance of 10kg.

Can I travel with Pets?

Clear Harbour Airways welcomes everyone on board, including your pets.  There are certain restrictions when travelling with your pet such as they will not be allowed in the main cabin and will need to be transported in the baggage/cargo area of the aircraft.  For your pet’s safety they must travel in a hard shelled travel carrier which must be secure and leak proof.  The weight of the travel carrier and your pet will be included in your luggage allowance. You will be able to rent pet carriers directly from us.

FAQ > Aircraft

What planes are Clear Harbour Airways intending to operate?

​In conjunction with Harbour Air, we are evaluating using the DeHavilland DHC-3 Single Otter. The DHC-3 can carry up to 14 passengers.

FAQ > Environment

Do you have a Carbon Neutral Program?

All of our fares will include a carbon offset that is used to mitigate the environmental impact of greenhouse gases emitted by our aircraft.  We will work in conjunction with a recognised carbon offsetter.  Separately, we will also look to offset the carbon footprint generated by our corporate operations to become a fully carbon neutral airline.