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Creating quick and easy island travel

With an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and passenger safety, Clear Harbour Airways’ mission is to become the leading provider of efficient, affordable and reliable harbour-to-harbour seaplane service to the Channel Islands and, ultimately, the rest of Europe.

Port-to-port seaplane air travel cuts hours off travel time and is infinitely more convenient than existing services. Clear Harbour Airways will be able to fly between the capitals of Jersey and Guernsey. To those for whom “time is money”, the economic advantages to a seaplane service are significant.

Lengthy check in and security procedures will be reduced and a taxi of up to 40 minutes from St Helier to the airport in St Peter or vice versa will no longer exist. The ability to provide a regular air taxi service will transform inter- island commercial traffic.

The list of benefits is long and varied, and the economic viability has been proven in other less populous markets like the Virgin Islands. These realities have translated into tremendous support from business leaders who regularly commute between the islands.

We are now working with the appropriate bodies to create the operational and regulatory parameters that permit commercial seaplane operations in the Channel Islands.